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Just three and a half hours driving from Brisbane is the City of Hervey Bay, gateway to Fraser island and known as the Whale Watching Capital of the World and, it's not just because of the numbers of whales. It's also because of the calm, safe waters protected by Fraser Island . Migrating south to the Antarctic in August, September and October, more than 1,500 Humpback whales visit Hervey Bay and stay in the sheltered lee of Fraser Island from two days to two weeks.

Whale watching for that exotic vacation imageIn Hervey Bay you can see the whales close up. During this time, there are daily whale watching cruises to get you out among the whales very quickly and the cruises provide commentary on the whales behaviour. In fact, the whales sometimes come up close to the boats. It is an amazing experience to watch whales leap out of the ocean and to lift their great heads to watch the whale watchers watching them.

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After entering the area, the whales stop their migration style swimming and relax with the females concentrating on feeding and preparing their young calves for the 5,000Km journey. The other adults often chase each other at high speed, tail slapping, head lunging and magnificent breaching. These are the usual behaviour patterns of the Humpback whales, the most acrobatic of all the big whales.

 One of the most amazing developments sinWhale watching near Fraser Island imagece the commencement of commercial whale watching in Hervey Bay is  Humpbacks "socialising" with the vessels, swimming around and around for a closer look at the whale watchers on board. They may approach a vessel with incredible gentleness to check us out, sometimes staying for up to an hour.

While whale watching you should also note that these waters are also rich with dolphins and turtles which you will also enjoy watching during your cruise and tour.

To go whale watching is the experience of a lifetime. It's unique and a great way to spend that exotic vacation.A fleet of vessels, which operate out of Hervey Bay Boat Harbour, offer half day, three-quarter-day, full day and dawn tours.


For further information on whale watching during your exotic vacation, including a whale watching guide and, information on operators offering whale watching tours, we suggest you visit: Fraser Coast Holidays.


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Have an exotic vacation watching whales




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